Ostriches Don’t Hide Their Heads in the Sand

Everyone grows up thinking Ostriches have the worst defense mechanism of all time. If they stick their head in the sand and they can’t see a predator, then the predator cannot see them. Basically peek-a-boo. But that’s a complete load of crap. Ostriches don’t do that. If they see a predator they run, and run pretty damn fast. And as far as the head in the sand thing? Well, they do occationally stick their heads in the sand. It’s to turn their eggs that they have buried.

Sugar Isn’t Going to Make Kids Hyperactive

There are a million reasons why a person should not eat too much sugar. The shit is terrible for you. However, the hyperactive sugar high is not one of them. It’s totally not a thing. The whole idea came from a VERY flawed study from an Allergist who was essentially pulling things out of their ass. Extensive testing went in to this and in 1995 the American Journal of Medicine published a study showing that the entire concept was bullshit.

Cracking Your Knuckles Doesn’t Causes Arthritis

For generations parents and teachers have been telling kids not to crack their knuckles or else they were going to get arthritis and other problems with their bones. However, cracking your knuckles has nothing to do with the bone. What you’re actually doing is popping tiny bubbles that have developed in the synovial fluid that surround the knuckles.

Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells.

They love to teach you in school that if you drink, every beer you have is going to kill off a shit ton of brain cells. That’s actually not true. Light to moderate drinking doesn’t actually cause any damage at all in most cases. Granted if you’re a super alcoholic binge drinker, yeah, that’s going to mess with your brain, and liver, and kidney, when it damages tissue. But even then It’s not going to start killing cells. It would take so much alcohol to actually start killing cells, that you would die of alcohol poisoning way before it came to that.

Penny Dropped From the Empire State Building Will not Kill You

It someone dropped a penny off the Empire State Building and that penny hit you, it wouldn’t kill you, it wouldn’t even really hurt all that bad either. Because of their non-aerodynamic shape, pennies flutter to the ground like leaves and never go faster than about 25 mph. Someone could throw it at you faster than it would hit you when dropped from the building.

Napoleon actually wasn’t a short shit

A short person who tends to act like a douche bag is said to have a Napoleon complex. The problem is, the famously short French conqueror wasn’t short at all. He was measured at 5 feet, 2 inches tall. But he was measured with French inches, which are longer than English inches. He actually stood 5 feet, 7 inches. which was actually taller than the average European man at the time.