Research conducted at the University of Vienna suggests that yawning may play an essential role in cooling our brains. But yawning to cool the brain is “not functional” when the outside temperature is as hot as the body, explained the study’s lead author Jorg Massen. And if you’re wondering: Yes, sleep deprivation does increase brain temperature, which could be a factor in why we yawn more when we’re tired.

Pyramids Weren’t Built by Slaves

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus described the people who built the pyramids as slaves, and Hollywood really ran with the idea. In reality, the pyramids were built by poor people who came from the north and south of Egypt and were paid. Also they were respected for doing their work, and workers who died during construction were buried in tombs near the sacred pyramids.

Carrots Will Not Make You See Better.

During World War II, the British were shooting down Nazi planes like a BOSS. The reality of it was the British had pretty much perfected Radar. So they could see the planes coming at them. But they didn’t want to let people know that it was because of the radar. So they started a propaganda campaign that said that the reason they were so good at shooting down planes, was because they ate a shit ton of carrots and it gave them excellent eye sight.

Sitting Too Close to The TV won’t Damage Your Eyes

Back in the 1950’s TVs emitted unsafe levels of radiation, but that’s not a thing anymore. So sitting too close would be bad for your overall health back then. But it did nothing to your eyes. While extended close viewings could cause strain and a headache, there’s no lasting damage. In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, kids can focus up close without eye strain better than adults.