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Everyone has heard it a million times. People are so stressed that between Thanksgiving and Christmas the suicide rates skyrocket. However, that’s not true. According to the CDC National Center for Health Statistics, December is the LOWEST month out of the year. There is an annual peak each year, and it is always around the same time. But that time is in April.

People Didn’t think the earth was flat in the middle ages

Since the time of Aristotle, the fact that the Earth is round has been accepted nearly universally among European intellectuals. So, if you taught that Columbus couldn’t get financing for his voyage because people thought he was going to sail over the edge of the Earth, you were taught wrong. He actually had trouble getting financing because people thought the East Indies were way farther away than he figured, and they were right. Plus, Columbus was an idiot

Nero Didn’t Play The Fiddle While Rome Burned

The Roman Emperor Nero has a reputation for being an asshole, but he didn’t dance around like an idiot playing the fiddle while Rome was burning. In fact, that account is false on two fronts. First, Nero wasn’t even in Rome when the fire was going, and secondly, the fiddle didn’t even exist at the time.

Marco Polo Didn’t Bring Pasta Back from China

In his earlier travels Polo had written he had eaten a food that was similar to lasagna. SO he knew what pasta was long before he ever stepped foot in China. The whole Story of him brining pasta back didn’t actually show up until the 1950s in the US. When a group of marketing people made the story up to get people to eat more pasta.

Van Gogh Didn’t Cut Off His Ear and Mail It to Some Chick

Everyone has heard the story, seen the painting. Van Gogh was all butthurt over some chick, so he got loaded, choppped his ear off and mailed it to her. Yeah, that never happened. He did lose part of his ear however, that part is true. It was because he got in an argument with his roommate, and fellow painter Paul Gauguin, who took out a sword and chopped it off. Gauguin was a highly skilled fencer, so after he did his damage, the two made up the story to keep Gauguin out of jail.

They Didn’t Change People’s Names At Ellis Island

The folks at Ellis Island were responsible for checking ship manifests. They didn’t have any paperwork to change people’s names, nor did were there any laws requiring anybody to do so. At the time, people in New York could legally change the spelling of their name just by using a new spelling though, which probably helps account for all the name changes that happened.

The only time names ever really changed at Ellis Island is if the immigrant decided to change their name to fit in with American society or the local community to which they were moving. Sometimes, they changed their name before even getting on the ship to come to America. There was no requirement to immigrants to use their real last name when coming to America. They could give themselves any name they liked. As long as the name they gave matched up with the answers they gave according to their profile on the ship’s manifest, they were good to enter the nation and use the name they chose.

Pyramids Weren’t Built by Slaves

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus described the people who built the pyramids as slaves, and Hollywood really ran with the idea. In reality, the pyramids were built by poor people who came from the north and south of Egypt and were paid. Also they were respected for doing their work, and workers who died during construction were buried in tombs near the sacred pyramids.