Carrots Will Not Make You See Better.

During World War II, the British were shooting down Nazi planes like a BOSS. The reality of it was the British had pretty much perfected Radar. So they could see the planes coming at them. But they didn’t want to let people know that it was because of the radar. So they started a propaganda campaign that said that the reason they were so good at shooting down planes, was because they ate a shit ton of carrots and it gave them excellent eye sight.

You Can’t See The Great Wall of China From Space

The wall is the same color, texture and made of a lot of the same stuff that surrounds it. While if you have a super high magnifying telescope you can see the wall, hell you can see a cars license plate if you want. But even though every middle school social studies teacher tells you that the wall can be seen from space with the naked eye. It’s actually not even close to true. Even Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei confirmed he couldn’t see it while in orbit