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Conservation group Oceana recently found that roughly a third if the time seafood sold in US markets and restaurants had been swapped for cheaper. The worst was sushi restaurants there out of the 118 visited, 95% of the fish fold was actually different from what the menu stated. Hamachi was incorrect in every single case.

A Coffee Taster Had His Tongue Insured for £10 Million

Gennaro Pelliccia a professional coffee taster who works for England’s Costa Coffee company. His discerning tongue is so key to his job that he was able to insure it for a whopping £10 million ($11.3 million) with Lloyd’s of London. “My tongue and my ability to perceive different aromas are very important to my work,” Pelliccia told the Lifestyle Inquirer.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council Ruled that Hot Dogs Aren’t Sandwiches

National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) made an official ruling when it comes to hot dogs: They deemed that hot dogs are not sandwiches. “Limiting a hot dog’s significance by saying it’s ‘just a sandwich’ is like calling the Dalai Lama ‘just a guy,'” said Janet Riley, the president of the NHDSC.

A Brewery in Canada Makes Beer Using Water from 20,000-Year-Old Icebergs

Quidi Vidi Brewery in Newfoundland and Labrador harvests water directly from icebergs that are up to 20,000 years old and float down the area’s Iceberg Alley. According to NPR, “The ice formed tens of thousands of years ago from compacted snow which means there are no minerals and lots of tiny bubbles trapped inside. It gives the golden beer a special, very light taste.”

Marco Polo Didn’t Bring Pasta Back from China

In his earlier travels Polo had written he had eaten a food that was similar to lasagna. SO he knew what pasta was long before he ever stepped foot in China. The whole Story of him brining pasta back didn’t actually show up until the 1950s in the US. When a group of marketing people made the story up to get people to eat more pasta.

A Bloody Mary was Originally Called A Bucket Of Blood

The disgusting Vodka and tomato juice drink was originally introduced at Harry’s in New York City, where local drunkard Roy Barton named it The Bucket Of Blood. Shortly after the King Cole Bar, at the St. Regis Hotel, reintroduced the drink and rebranded it first “Red Snapper,” then, finally, “Bloody Mary.”